where the vamp lies

where the vamp lies

Judit Carrera
by AscenPina, Gian9912, and juditcarcues on 25 Jun 2022

This is my first group project. The main idea was "where the vamp lies".

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Where the vamp lies

This project was possible thanks to Luis Miguel Ariza, Ascen Pina and Gianfranco Torres.

Process view

A closer and grainy look of the scene where the vamp lies

Process view

my first group project

As this the first time working as a group, it was a challenge for us all to split tasks and coordinate. Even though we had a week to finish the project, I think we worked really well and I'm pretty proud of what we have accomplished. :)
In this project I took charge of the concept, composition, lighting and render of the scene. Also I did some props myself and textured others that my classmates had modelled. I worked on the railings, the central platform and the floor, including the stairs. 
Ascen worked really hard on the windows and arcs, including the cristals.
Luis Miguel did the candles and chandeliers.
Gianfranco did most of the props and also the main element of the scene: the coffin.

As I said before, I'm proud of the work we did as a group and I'm happy that we could reach the concept that I had in mind.

Any feedback is welcomed, thanks so much for passing by. :)

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