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at my grandma's house - "la casa de la abuela"

at my grandma's house - "la casa de la abuela"

Judit Carrera
by juditcarcues on 6 Jun 2022

In this project the main idea was to model a vintage corner. I decided to recreate my grandmother's house.

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Modelling, texturing and composition of a vintage corner

Proccess view

Proccess view

giving me some feedback

It was a challenge for me as I I felt that I had to do my best to capture what my grandmother's house is for me.
The hardest part about it was imitating the light. At the golden hour, the rays through the glass door enters so hard and I tried my best to recreate that beautiful light in the scene.

This was my first time modelling a (small) scene and I'm pretty proud of it.

I know it could be better but I'm working to improve in the nexts projects. :)

Thanks for passing by. Any feedback is welcomed :)

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