Human Mutant variety HSU-213

Human Mutant variety HSU-213

by daviddmoral on 1 Jun 2022

Creature made for a VR game at my master's degree. Optimized for VR using only one ID material (2K resolution). Inspired by Parasyte, GTFO and many mutant references found on Artstation.

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Human Mutant variety HSU-213

I created this mutant for a VR project I made at my master's dregree. It is optimized for VR using only one material ID in 2K resolution. I sculpted and painted it in Zbrush, retopologized it in Maya, made the UVs and skinning with 3DS Max and polished the texture in Substance Painter.

For this project I got inspired by the anime "Parasyte" and many mutant references I found on Artstation. I really enjoyed creating this creature, I felt kinda atracted to sculpt more creatures and I probably will in a close future. Hope you like it!

Wireframe and different mapping showing

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