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Airbnb xChange

Airbnb xChange

by JinChung and jessicatlam on 31 May 2022

xChange is a platform to barter to trade skills, tell stories, and foster a community between travelers and localites.

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Airbnb Xchange is an additional feature added to Airbnb’s existing platform that is a matching making system that connects tourists and localitite together by exchanging skills, stories, and experiences together. Xchange’s goal is to help Millennial solo travelers to cultivate a community around them which makes their travel more fun, adventurous, and memorable. 

Millennials are feeling lonely, intimidated, and lacking in confidence while traveling solo, however, many have indicated that they are willing to travel alone. Now that borders are starting to open up again, travelers are itching to travel and explore the world for different experiences. Millennial solo travelers are struggling to meet new friends and are also seeking an immersive experience in culture, language, and people of the place. They want a safe and simple way to explore local cultures and experience self discovery without feeling alone during their solo travels.

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