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by colincheng1028, jungminahn, and liming on 30 May 2022

With RevoPay, users can directly manage cryptocurrency as a crypto wallet and trade coins freely because RevoPay supports various coin transactions. In particular, users can reduce the risk of cryptocurrency price volatility by using RevoCoin, a unique stablecoin issued by RevoPay.

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Due to the complex cryptocurrency trading system and price volatility, small business owners and consumers experienced difficulties in transactions using cryptocurrency. To many, the concept of crypto is a large grey area, often associated with scams and crime. This lack of trust and grasp on crypto deters people away from using it as a method of payment.

So how might we create a system that streamlines the attaining of cryptocurrencies with purchasing items, and optimize transactions with cryptocurrencies for both merchants and consumers?

RevoPay aims to familiarize common folk with crypto for transactions, by giving the mysterious concept a familiar face, and packaging key technicalities of crypto into a social and accessible paying application. Users can manage cryptocurrency as a crypto card wallet and trade coins freely because RevoPay supports various cryptourrencies transactions. In particular, users can reduce the risk of price volatility by utilizing RevoCoin, a unique in-house stablecoin issued by RevoPay.

Furthermore, RevoPay is offering various pop-up events, RevoShop, to strengthen the global community of cryptocurrency, and developed a business version of the app, RevoBiz., a business management system for small businesses to receive and manage cryptocurrency transactions for their business.

With our very own US Dollar-backed stablecoin, RevoCoin, we are able to ensure the safety, speed, and cost-efficiency of the currency for our users, while optimizing it for retail transactions.

Like other crypto wallet applications, RevoPay has a trading and coin acquisition function that equips all levels of users with the information they need to make trading decisions.

Our community, made up of individuals ranging from novices to experts, allows new users to quickly learn about crypto within their social circles, and experts to share their thoughts on trending topics and news.

RevoBiz, the business version of the app, supplies owners with various insights, on top of quick, zero-fee transactions, at a monthly subscription fee depending on the bussiness’ earnings.

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