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Rojenia-7 cislunar station

Rojenia-7 cislunar station

Gerard Rodríguez Oterino
by geroterino on 28 May 2022

The Rojenia-7 (its name meaning "moonshine") was the seventh Polish space station and the second one to operate in cislunar space. As opposed to its predecessor, this one was designed to work as a cycler, meaning it periodically flew close by the Earth and the Moon, making transportation between the two more efficient.

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This is part of a future personal project set on an alternate timeline of space exploration. For this particular station I got the idea from the Norwegian space station in the movie Ad Astra, I liked the worldbuilding concept of most countries having top-tier space programs.

Since it's a Polish station, for the design of the modules I wanted to achieve a mix of European/NASA style (seen in the more metallic modules) and Russian style (such as in the Core module). I also included a Commercial Lab with a more slick design inspired by SpaceX and Axiom Space.

Here I wanted to replicate the more vintage look of Apollo era photographs. Doesn't make much sense chronologically, but I liked the feel.

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