Dragon kai

Dragon kai

by AlejandroBonilla on 22 May 2022

This was the first character I have created, everything has been done with blender sculpting. It has been a good way to realize that I really like making characters and I will continue practicing it.

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In this project I will show the character I made for my final class project.

First I started with primitives in blender and started sculpting everything until I acquired the desired shape in the body, although at the end I changed the eyes by putting them external. Here I show how it looks like once I acquired a sculpt of the character that I liked.

Once I had my sculpture finished I passed it to substance painter to bake the retopology and get better details that otherwise would not be appreciated thanks to the "normal map".

I also show how I divided the layers to focus individually on each part of its body (scales, skin, horns and eyes).

Here you can see how the wireframe looks like once reduced from the retopopology.

In these images of the retopology you can see the gizmos as the character is also rigged, their animations can be seen in the animations section of my portfolio.

Finally, here are the different maps of the character in case you want to take a look at them.




Ambient occlussion:


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