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'Woodland Faery' - VFX Ready Character

'Woodland Faery' - VFX Ready Character

Steven Martin
by stevenmartin on 22 May 2022

Hello everyone! For college, I produced my first fully sculpted, textured, animated and rendered 3D character with footage integration. This extensive taught me significantly and has given me new found confidence in VFX production, from detailed sculpting in ZBrush to multi-pass compositing in Nuke. Hope you enjoy!

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Woodland Faery - 

Multi-pass Beauty Render produced in Maya/Arnold, composited in NukeX


Adapting the work of Brian Froud, I looked strongly into anatomy research of real-world creatures, using the original sketch by the concept artist as inspiration and guidance. The sculpt mesh was retopologised allowing for UVs and then a second sculpting pass for detailing wrinkles, crevices and pores.

Faery Character - Mesh Display, Rigging, Diffuse Textures and Main Render

Faery: Turntable Render. 

Rock asset sourced from Quixel Megascans. The sequence was composited in NukeX


My finished animations and compositing for college over provided footage. The footage was recreated in Meshroom with camera solve in NukeX, allowing for animation to seamlessly overlay on top. 

Throughout the project, classmates gave vital feedback and helped us all aim to a similarly high standard of production.

The entire task was as difficult as it was fun, but entirely satisfying to see it finished! 

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