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Cottage Modular Environment Pack Spring 2022

Cottage Modular Environment Pack Spring 2022

Brigit Torpey
by brigittorpey on 13 May 2022

A modular environment pack of a cottage style house, shed, and bridge assembled in Unreal Engine 4

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For this project, I wanted to create a pretty cottage in a lush, hilly landscape. I was completely new to all the software used in this project, so many challenges arose while creating this environment. Initially, every step of this process felt like a huge challenge the first time I went through modeling in Maya or Zbrush, unwrapping UVs, texturing in Adobe Substance Painter, and importing all of it into Unreal. But after the working through this process on the first few windows and wall frames, I felt like I actually was getting the hang of it. I think the key to overcoming the challenges that arose was simply just putting the hours into trying stuff, breaking it, trouble shooting, and eventually figuring it out and learning from it. 

I think my favorite part was using Substance painter and creating cool textures, and I also really enjoyed adding foliage to the landscape. Overall, I feel like a learned a lot, and I would love to make something like this again and do a better job after knowing what I do now.

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