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ManMelter 3600 ZX

ManMelter 3600 ZX

Marco Oliveri
by MarcoOliveri on 17 May 2022

Photorealistic prop created during the modeling and texturing modules directed by Mauro Baldissera at Skyup Academy. It’s based on the actual ManMelter raygun designed by Greg Broadmore… His weapon designs are incredibly wonderful!

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Hero Shot

Detail 1 - Raygun back view

Detail 2 - Raygun front view

Detail 3 - Case top details

Detail 4 - Raygun accessories

Turntable animation

Comparison "Final Render / Clay Render / Wireframe"

Paper content with raygun information (made in Adobe Photoshop - images taken from Dr. Grordbort's comic book)

Case top design (entirely recreated in Adobe Illustrator)

Main references

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