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by Anteric and jacintaperret28 on 8 May 2022

These are the different assets, backgrounds and concept art that was completed by myself for our university group project. We created a side scrolling platformer called 'Fenine' that was inspired by the legend of Cats and their 9 lives. This project was created over 12 weeks

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Orignal Mood Boards

These were our original mood boards for our project!

First Concept Sketches and Brainstorming

These were the first initial sketches made for our project focusing on creatures, and planning basic level design 

Level Concept

Hand-drawn level design to show different obstacles and platform placement as well as first draft level design that shows the whole scope of the project and where the original monsters would be placed within the level 

Background Concept and Design

We tried to create a background that would work with a parallax effect. We decided to use background tiles as the top of the canvas would be visible when the player would jump through the level 

Concept Art

Concept art created to help find the feel and atmosphere of the game. The first is a study of the way the branches would be created within the background. The second was a fully completed concept artwork that has too much detail for the feel that we were looking for.

Concepts and final art for Climbing Tree Asset

We wanted to tree's to be twisted and very natural within the space. The forest that the game is set is meant o be within a deep and dark forest and we felt that having large trunked twisted trees would make the forest thicker and heavier

Concept art for Assets

Similar to the concept art, my original designs for our assets were too detailed and were too light for our game's atmosphere. The problem was that I was making fine details that wouldn't necessarily be seen within the game. The black and white assets were the starting point to where our assets ended up 

First Draft for Tileset Design for Player Plain

Final Tile Set design with previous concepts with Monster Designs on top (monsters created by Team-mate Sophie)

Atmospheric Orbs for background and environement. Done in After Effects

On Screen Control Designs

Final On-Screen Controls

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