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Untamed: When animals ruled the world

Untamed: When animals ruled the world

Florent Boston
by bostonflow on 6 May 2022

Here is my entry for the 2021 Artstation challenge. I'm happy to have an honorable mention!

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The great 3 flows traveled across the desert. Their steps created lakes and ecosystems. Their tears turned into pearls of pure water, that can contain liters of it. One day, the 3 great flows mysteriously disappeared

The peoples of fennec were in charge of protecting these gigantic animals. They have a special connection with them and thanks to it they can "feel" where are the pearls of water.

Several years later, everybody wants to find the pearls of water. The fennecs are persecuted because they can "feel" where they are. Some powerful animals use force and threat to get an abundance of these water pearls.

Legend tells that one night in a year, a mystical path is open to the realm of the 3 great flows.

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