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Rare Wubbox from My Singing Monsters video game (not rigged) [BLENDER]

Rare Wubbox from My Singing Monsters video game (not rigged) [BLENDER]

Daniel Rico Parralejo
by RicoOne on 5 May 2022

Just a little deviation from the rookie awards 2022 submission, I modeled, posed and painted this project in the span of 8 hours, dedicating 2 hours/ day for 4 days. The model isn't rigged.

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Starting to model the Wubbox with basic geometry, and benefitting from the non destructive modifiers of Bevel and Subdivision Surface.

Finished modeling. Next step is the UV mapping. Then, painting on Substance.

UV mapping has been done correctly, thus the baked maps show no overlaying.

Above: Failed render with Volume I put here to show what kind of lighting the definitive image has. Removing the volume without changing the lighting caused a great difference as you can see.

Back view of Wubbox. My Singing Monsters only shows the front view of the characters, so I thought that adding a large sub woofer on his back would give it a more complete touch along the other speakers the robot has on his body.

The mouth of the Wubbox has been "rigged" with blend shapes to adjust the 3d geometry to the cartoony nature of the massive mouth of the original 2d character. The inside of the mouth is an auto generated wave texture that doesn't change the iteration width as it happens in the character; however it's rotation alongside the normal axis (in this case the axis that goes towards us) is constant as well so it has to be rotated manually from the generator.

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