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Butterfly Island - Nighttime

Butterfly Island - Nighttime

Kayla Cardona
by kaylac on 30 Apr 2022

Nighttime on Butterfly Island, a stylized vacation with the potential to become an interactive, immersive experience in Unreal Engine 4. Includes bonfire and very comfy hammock.

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Butterfly Island - A Stylized Vacation

The nighttime phase of Butterfly Island includes a comforting bonfire and fireflies. To intensify the tropical experience; a backdrop of chirping crickets, cracking embers, and coqui tree frogs were added as immersive audio. The majority of the foliage and textures are from Quixel Megascans. The textures were altered in GIMP to create the florescent, glowing foliage.

Nighttime ~

A comforting bonfire, glittering fireflies, a fluorescent tropical world...

In real life, a hammock should not be placed that close to a bonfire. But it's a 3D world and it's not real... or should we say Unreal? 

The dense foliage is already set up with LODs, although these photographs and the previous film were taken without the LODs applied. 

The fire is a combination of 4 particle systems in Niagara - smoke, flames, multicolored base flames, and embers.

Created in Unreal Engine 4.

Thank you for watching!

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