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Judit Carrera
by juditcarcues on 25 Apr 2022

In this project the main idea was to create a robot using vintage and hardware store elements. I decided to create a robot based on a "Rollei" inspired camera and a light.

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Modelling, texturing and compositing of a robot

Proccess view

Draft sheet of the project and references

Hard work but worth it

I've been working in this project for a few days as this is my first time using Substance Painter in class.
The hardest part in the modelling was to model the body of the camera. At first I thought that it was just a box with two holes but it became harder the more i worked on it. 
When i finished modelling the camera, the rest of the elements were easier for me. 

It was time to do the UV mapping and even though it began as a challenge for me, I could overcame it. I enjoyed a lot the proccess of texturing in Substance Painter and compositing in Maya. I struggled a bit with the lighting but I finally got what I have in my head.

Thanks for passing by,  hope u like it ^^

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