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Unreal Toon Outline Shader

Unreal Toon Outline Shader

Pau Rodríguez Gascó
by rod on 21 Apr 2022

Two post-processing effects made in Unreal Engine 4.

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After a month learning about Unreal Engine I'm finally showing some of my work. This is the result of two post-process materials. A toon shader and a outline shader. 

The outline shader was made following a tutorial that Unreal Engine published and you can check and learn from scratch. It helped me a lot to get started with shaders in Unreal.

A close-up from the outline shader and the part that I ended up changing for the final result where i put a limit on depth for projecting the outlines

And here is part of the toon shader. It's actually really simple, it just gets the actual lightning values and color and depending on the  threshold will multiply its color between the two tints. Also adding a boolean where you can choose if you want to get the ambient occlusion values too.

And that's all for now, I'm currently working on a Blueprint programming prototype and Niagara VFX. I hope I can share with you all my progress soon!

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