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Animation Portfolio

Animation Portfolio

by jenniferheseltine on 23 May 2019

This portfolio is a collection of 3D models, animation and short films.

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Animation Portfolio

I created the next three pieces for the 'Specialisation' subject at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment online campus.  I focused on modelling and texturing as a specialisation.  Models were created in Maya.  Textures were created in Photoshop, ZBrush and Substance Painter.  Compositing was done in Photoshop.

Princess Jasmine Character Model

Grave Yard Environment Model

Rat Rod Vehicle Model

Alien Planet Environment 

This was a group project for our 'Practice Production' subject at AIE.  Zachary Martin modelled the terrain and floating islands.  I modelled the buildings on top of the islands, modelled, rigged and animated the alien birds, textured all the assets, created the matte background and did the final composite.  Bones were supplied by AIE.

Norman Does 'Hot Fuzz'

This animation was created for the 'Animation Principles' subject at AIE.  We used the 'Norman Rig', care of the audio is care of 'I did say playtimes over.'  Animation done in Maya.

Momma Ball and Her Baby Balls

My first animation for 'Animation Principles' at AIE.  I am still proud of how it turned out.

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