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Vel Titalee

Vel Titalee

Tommaso Stragà
by StromTag on 19 Apr 2022

First project I worked on at SkyUp Academy, while learning Zbrush, based on my original concept developed during the previous drawing lessions at the school. Sculpted in Zbrush and rendered with Maya and Vray. Had quite a lot of fun.

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Vel Titalee is an anchient spirit of the seas, in the form of an enormous manta ray, wondering without rest. 

Wherever lays the shadow of his wings, balance and tranquillity overcome.

Several sea creatures of any kind live their lives around her body. Some swimming in the thereabouts. Some clinging to his rocky back or in the huge cavity of her mouth.

Vel Titalee is a calm and unperturbed creature. Nonetheless, according to timeless legends, her wrath can be tremendous if unleashed, and the flap of his wings is said capable of generating huge shock waves.

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