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Daniel Rico Parralejo
by RicoOne on 10 Apr 2022

This is the bad guy of the upcoming Rookie Awards 3d animation short film "Vietnam Vindicator". Modeled in Blender, texturized in Substance.

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Mikoyan Gurevich MiG23ML Flogger A

This model has been made using a triplanar reference, extruding profiles with non destructive modeling, using mirror modifiers.

The finished model has been mapped and moved to Substance Painter. The afterburner is a volumetric emissive cone with a Sine interception for the shock diamonds.

This fighter is equipped with four Vympel AA-8 Aphid (R60 Molnya in russian) Short Range Infrared tracking air to air missiles (IR SRAAM) and two R24T  (NATO AA-7 Apex) MRAAM (Mid Range Air to Air Missile).

The afterburner, nozzle and control surfaces are moved via drivers.

Below: Afterburner and wing swing animations.

Below: Rough composition of a crash between the MiG23 and the F4E in a gunfight.

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