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Overwatch Style Map - Chaouen

Overwatch Style Map - Chaouen

by mozos on 2 Apr 2022

This and adaption of the Blue City of Chefchaouen into a map with the style of Overwatch.

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Overwatch Style Map - Chaouen

This is my first project of this second year of my Videogame Art master degree at UA School, Spain. It took me 6 months, but it's finally out!

This project consists in building a complete environment. We had 12 types of environment to choose and I have picked Overwatch. My objective was to create a complete map replicating the style of Overwatch. This was my attempt on recreating the game's art style.

About the place, I wanted it to be a non existent map on Overwatch, some other place in the world where it wasnt already in referenced in the game. I thought on creating a portuguese map but I already have done a portuguese environment so I wanted to try something different. I wanted it to be on a beautifull place and non european, that's how I came up with the idea of creating a map based on the blue city of Chefchaouen in Morocco.

This is the result.

I want to thank my teachers, David Saiz, Adrian Dominche and Salvador Lledó for helping me and giving feedback on this work and my classmates.

The project was made with Unreal 5.

Here is the Artstation link to my project:

Here is a Walkthrough of the map

Hope you liked it!

If you want to know more about the map's process, here is a link:

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