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McDonnell Douglas F4E Phantom II (BLENDER)

McDonnell Douglas F4E Phantom II (BLENDER)

Daniel Rico Parralejo
by RicoOne on 1 Apr 2022

Featured Fighter for the Rookie Awards 2022 Blender short film: Vietnam Vindicator. Project is still in process, the F4 model still needs a flight deck and missiles are incomplete. Pending rigging and ornamental decals (such as shark mouth and id plates). Modeled with three planar references.

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F4E breaking sound barrier with full afterburners at 13km of altitude during late sunset.

Below you can see the F4E Phantom II from different sides; topology and material. It has all movable parts except the complete landing gear. It's slats, flaps, ailerons, spoilers, airbrake, rudder fin and elevators are movile, as well as the engine nozzles and cockpit doors. Missiles are unfinished.

Below you can see the two main weapons of the F4E: The Radar guided (SARH) Fox1 AIM-7F Sparrow and the infra red homing missiles, the AIM-9P Sidewinder.

Demo of the already rigged nozzles, using locked track on an array, each piece is locked to track an empty which is at the same time parented to a main empty that controls both nozzles at the same time.


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