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TARS from Interstellar (BLENDER)

TARS from Interstellar (BLENDER)

Daniel Rico Parralejo
by RicoOne on 12 Mar 2022

I've worked on this free-will project six months ago. I've watched some extracts from Interstellar on YouTube and felt in love with the star robot's minimal design

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TARS Complete Rig (BLENDER)

Rig system and geometry. Each piece is parented to a null object (Empties in Blender vocabulary), ordered in the hierarchy of average limbs. The system is parented to a main locator to get the character's rotation complete without parenting artifacts, and such locator is parented to an arrow empty placed in 0,0,0 XYZ, to animate paths. The screens have a video texture with emission.

Details of the beveling, lining and straking of the robot's body. There's the cue light TARS uses to indicate when he's joking. The video texture belongs to this video (I created a raytracer from scratch for DOS, 16 colors.

The rig is 90 percent close to how the original animatronic puppet moves. It's fully customizable and has locked rotations to avoid swiveling to unwanted directions. Please operate in local axis edition, not global.

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