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Daniel Rico Parralejo
by RicoOne on 12 Mar 2022

I was assigned with a vehicle modeling task and I decided to take the white FIAT Marea HLX I had and tune it a bit. Interior is not modeled.

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FIAT Marea HLX in Blender. Patch Modeling and destructive extrusion with sculpting polishing.

Scene Blocking, rudimentary mesh body and reference blueprints in a 90 degree intersection layout.

Progress 1: Flanks, windshields, cage, roof and hood modeled in NURBs patches. Sadly I turned them into editable meshes before thinking on screening the NURBs surfaces. Bumper has been modeled starting from a profile of vertices and then proceeded to boolean the holes for the wheels. Mapping of the pieces.

Process 2: Adding stickers and creating the wheels. Using shrinkwrap modifiers for stickers and array for the wheels.

Process 3: Shading. Nodes for the environment:

Shading for the pearl coating of the car:

Final Step: Shading rims and black parts. Adding Lights and setting camera angles. Volumetric lighting with noise, rendering in Cycles X and post production in Adobe Lightroom.

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