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Halo: Spartan Laser - Fanart

Halo: Spartan Laser - Fanart

Carlota Rodríguez Calcines
by carlyrc on 10 Mar 2022

M6 G/GNR Spartan Laser from Halo Reach as an assignment to model a weapon on 3dsMax. Texturing heavily inspired by Milton Cadogan and the reference sheet used was made by Skookun Props.

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As one of my assigments, as cliché as it sounds I was asked to model weapon of any kind, but gun related. So as my first attempt at modeling a video game style weapon on 3ds Max I decided to model the M6 G/GNR Spartan Laser from Halo Reach.

For me, it was really a challenge to manage to model this at that time because, I'm more of a Maya user. So as I had never touched 3ds Max at that level, it was hard. Plus, we were asked too, to try on making it at least, similar to a videogame geometry standards.

While it seems really clean at first, the whole geometry did need some retopology to come into what you see above.

A little bit of the process screenshots I could find, but mostly i-ray shots while texturing in Substance.

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