Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 - 3D Stylized Character

Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 - 3D Stylized Character

Henrique Fróes
by henrifroes on 7 Mar 2022

Finally, I can bring the final update for this project! A lots of things I went through while developing this, both personal and professionally . Also, I took a considerable time to explore rigging process and animation. So, it means to me a turning point on the way I work and live my life. Hope you like it!

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Cristiano Ronaldo 3D Character is a project I have being developing since the final countdown of 2021, when I got the idea to take an ongoing project as my study asset for rigging, animation, stylized design, simulations, posing, scan map projection and some other subjects which composes the general pipeline for 3D character development for games and cinematics.

The most prevalent references I used to design CR7 as an stylized 3D character was Fortnite design mixing it a little bit with Disney cinematic characters, since I intended to make it more realistic and to explore the range of details wich can be applied in a 3D art, pushing further the texturing resolution levels and polycount density trying to keep up with the balance between a clean, simple, stylized look and super dense detail model in a way those two design directions could meet properly with each other at the end of the road.

I hope you like it, even more if you are a fan of this great athlete and person wich I came to know more about his history background and career along the process of making this project!

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