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Sabrina Amalia Cioffi
by amicioffi on 5 May 2019

I'm gonna try and create a series of illustrations - featuring differently designed mermaids for this month! I may not create refined illustrations for all of them, but the aim is to push my character design abilities!

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Update - 21 May 2019

This piece was o much fun to make, it was such a challenge! But I’m so happy with how it turned out! The colours, the designs! Just good work produced! 

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Update - 19 May 2019

I’m a day behind, but I’m honestly burnt out. But I’m dedicated to keep going! Even if I only create 10 finished paintings for the month, I really want to see that I can achieve that! 

This is thumbnail, but because of the sheer complexity of this piece, I’m thinking it may take me 3 days to complete! So here’s to new challenges! 

Update - 16 May 2019

I really struggled with this piece, I feel there were definitely a few things I needed to work on, and I seem to lack knowledge when it comes to adequately creating backgrounds and textures, so now I know I need to pracice in that area.

However, I am very happy with the colours and the way the hair uses empty space, I think it’s an interesting piece overall. 

Update - 16 May 2019

I’m running out of inspiration so how’s the time to really stick to drawing, I want to complete this project and not let it get away from me! 

For my next painting, I took part in the #Drawthisinyourstyle challenge. 

Credit to @roytheart_ on Instagram for the original painting. 

Update - 13 May 2019

Happy International Mother’s Day!

Update - 12 May 2019

Ahhh! The emotions are running! 

Update - 12 May 2019

This was fun to make, a lot more experimental! 

Update - 11 May 2019

This one is definitely more emotional! And the colours are much more contrasted! Simple but beautiful!

Update - 10 May 2019

I’m thinking a dark illustration next, something quite dark but still colourful! Also a different silhouette  and more focus in the body! 

Here’s a study before I really begin the painting! 

Update - 9 May 2019

This piece was a challenge, both because of the environment and also due to the male mermaid design. 

Update - 8 May 2019

Our next Mermaid is mail, and this time I’m going for a much more self-involved character.. perhaps royalty? I was inspired a lot by Siamese fighting fish, with their robe/fabric looking fins! They scream royalty! 

So anyway, I’m also challenging myself with the background. Let’s hope I can have it finished by tomorrow 😖

Update - 8 May 2019

I started thus illustration three days ago! I really wanted to show some good story-telling elements and make the image exciting! I ran behind schedule, but I’m really happy with what came out! 

Update - 5 May 2019

So! Since it's May, I'm thinking I might aim to do a series of Mermaid Illustrations! I can't guarantee I will succeed, but there isn't any harm in trying!