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Aston Martin DB5 on a European Street!

Aston Martin DB5 on a European Street!

Marcos Sánchez
by marcosnrd on 15 Feb 2022

This is my first 3d model using patch and modular modeling. I love James Bond films so I really like to model an Aston Martin Db5.

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Hi everyone! Today I’ll show you my very first personal proyect that I developed along a 3D Modeling course I’m learning in Lightbox Academy.

This composition is formed by a classic Aston Martin DB5 (1964) which I put on a european street. I considered that it could be his ideal location.

It took me a month to finish this project. I started modeling on AutodeskMaya the main Street, inspired on a photography I found on Pinterest uploaded by RZ_Vision. Later, I texturized it using Photoshop.

In addition, i modeled the vehicle. This car is one of my favourites that i discovered on James Bond films. I texturized it on Substance Painter and Photoshop and i put the car on the scene.

At last i lighted up the final scene and i export it. The color composition have been made on BlackMagic Fusion and the VFX retouch on the app Procreate.

I hope you love it, i´m proud of my work on it.

Now you can see the different lights i used in my project. I combined them on BlackMagic Fusion

This is the colour transformation and the final retouch that I done on Procreate, I really love the result!

This one is the picture i have been based to create the street!

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