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by rachelsalvaggio on 12 Feb 2022

Collaboration with Natalie Dreyer on her Ingrid Project.

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Natalie did a great job with the modelling and animation & I offered my skills to do the texturing, lighting, Xgen, and compositing. I had read that collaborating with other artists is important to build skill in the particular area you’d like to develop and develop communication skills with others in a pipeline manner. 

I enjoyed watching tutorials on how to texture skin. I took inspiration from texturingxyz workflows and substance 3d painter tutorials for skin and applied the techniques used in them. 

As for Xgen, I had only dabbled with it a bit before this. I followed some great tutorials by Hadi Karimi which made the learning process much more fulfilling. A very finicky process that I’d love to develop more in time.

I had a huge problem when it came to rendering. My computer cannot handle rendering very well, so I remotely accessed my uni computers to complete the rendering. Despite me being happy with my lighting & textures it was all lost due to the colourspace change between Maya 2022 and 2020 and I unfortunately couldn’t find anything on how to fix it. Even though this was very disheartening, I knew I would be able to colour correct it as best I could because of the render passes— I tested this on a single frame and then began the entire sequence. 

You will see in colour correct 1 that there is light shining through her eyelids, mouth, and at the back of her neck— not sure how this happened but it may be a render layer issue. I rotoscoped these out for the final comp

Thank you for reading ! :)

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