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My first 3D portfolio

My first 3D portfolio

by TheMushroom07 on 31 Jan 2022

This is a portfolio I made, as a module assignment for the school I've been going to, called Noroff.

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A portfolio from my 1st year as 3D student.

The Ikea room was modeled after an actual Ikea image on their website. I took measurements from a map given and also I looked at different angles from their sofas and chair etc.

The Goat is one defender of sheep and other farm animals in ancient of times. They were really strong and used to defend the farmers' farms from creatures called "Dumdrums". These goats were owned by mages in the ancient country called Sinthoya. Sinthoya was a majestic kingdom ruled by the most awesome being there is. These goats were very well trained, and used to protect the farms when the magicians were gone. This breed had four horns and lots of fur/wool. 

Some people used the goat's fur to make clothing, however it was rarely done, as the wool wasn't particularly good to be worn by people. People usually had a reaction to it if the wool was poorly treated. It was also hard to make clothes out of it. Though, the reason that some did it, was that it made for an incredible kind of cloth, though only when made by the most skilled and talented tailors. This fabric would also be made into parts of armor.

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