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Oasis Temple Ruins (WIP)
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Oasis Temple Ruins (WIP)

by munrowood on 22 Jan 2022

I'll be loosely following the Environment Production course by Dekogon Studios on ArtStation Learning.

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Update - 26 Jan 2022

I began blocking out the scene in Blender. I'm not totally sold on the layout, but I'll probably bring it into Unreal soon to see how it feels walking around.

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Update - 22 Jan 2022

I'll be using Blender and Unreal Engine 5 to build an Oasis Temple Ruins scene, following the Environment Production tutorial by Dekogon Studios on ArtStation Learning.

I don't want it to be a carbon copy, so hopefully I can make it my own.

I'm not much of a concept artist, but I sketched out about how I want my scene to look.