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Alice in Wonderland. Façade

Alice in Wonderland. Façade

Daria Volochai
by dariavolochai on 15 Jan 2022

School project at ESMA. Environment concept for future short animation

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Façade of the Mad Hatter from the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland

The Synopsys

William Hightop, a resident of Wonderland, lives for 15 years in his new home, which he found after he decided to leave the family. Due to the betrayal of his son, he doesn’t believe in people and doesn’t trust them. Due to such events in his life, William is crazy all alone with his house and imaginary creatures are his best friends. He doesn’t feel a sense of fear and every day his actions expose him to more and more danger. One day, he decides to have a tea party with his friends on the very edge of the roof of his house. He cooks very sloppily, everything falls around, and the tea spills. When he carries the service to the table on the roof, he stumbles and the lid of the kettle falls on his head. And here it is! New idea for a hat design

Façade sketches


Landscape sketches

Top elements' sketches

Bottom elements' sketches

Light+Color palette

Final drawing

Final drawing in color

Thank you for watching!

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