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Clément Beaubert
by clementb on 9 Jan 2022

Here is my most personal piece so far. It's part of my personal project. I've learn a lot working on this, technicaly, artisticly and personaly.

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This is an illustration from my personal project in development. I paid special attention to the storytelling and the atmosphere. Working on the mood and the symbols. For me it's important to find a purpose throught the picture. 

Below you'll find breakdowns and details about my workflow.

These are the preparatory designs for the boat and the character

This is a personal photography from a place I know for a long time, it was my inspirational starting point for the picture. I made a LIDAR photogrammetry of the turret.

Here are some thoughts and back story about this picture. As I want to develop storytelling and emotion I think it's important to link word and ideas with cinematic images. To me it give more reality and sense to this imaginary picture.

Hope you've find this interesting.

You can see more of my work on artstation and if you enjoy this personal project you can see more on my instagram

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