by Elkie on 19 Dec 2021

A. Refutation will be a story that plays out in Augmented Reality. A Tabletop Diorama with the drama of a newly-wed couple, their illusory home, and Time's Refutation! Written and Directed by Asher Tayor. CGI and VFX Created by Constance Lombard and Ian Fukushima.

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A. Refutation will be a story that plays out in Augmented Reality. Viewers will use their phones to view the home from different angles. The characters will be filmed, rotoscoped out, given an outline, a solid green background put into a 1:1 aspect ratio then placed into the 3D home in UE4 as cardboard cut-outs.

As the VFX Production Manager, I oversee organising the production of the film’s visual effects while working in close collaboration with the Director on the project. I also am responsible for the supervision and management of the entire production team, and Artists. I define the resources required, organise artists and crew, and make sure the project is delivered on schedule. I have been liaising with artists, flagging issues, and generally tracking progress, making sure everything stays on track from a scheduling perspective. I manage overall planning while ensuring that production runs smoothly.

 I project manage A.Refutation using Shotgrid, organising artist time making sure the project is delivered on schedule. On a day to day, I make sure artists have tracked and logged their hours using Toggl, discussed any issues they may have using various communication software Google Suite (Meet), MS Office (Teams) or Zoom, and uploaded their dailies/weeklies to Shotgrid.

A.Refutation is still in production and anticipates finishing in April 2022.

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