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Soldier's Rest
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Soldier's Rest

Luca Maldera
by lucamaldera on 14 Dec 2021

Hi everyone, I'm excited to show you my first portfolio project, hope you like it for real! Any feedback is appreciated

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Update - 14 Dec 2021

Soldier's Rest

I'm excited to show you my first portfolio project.
Did it take too long?
Was it worth it?
Who am I to say.
In this diorama I mixed game ready and sub-d ready assets, trying to create harmony with textures and meshes optimization, without noticing the differences between them.
- Modeled in Maya and Zbrush
- Military Scarf made in Marvelous Designer
- XGen for Scarf grooming
- Plants from Quixel Megascans archives
- Textured in Substance Painter
- Bake and Cinematic in Marmoset Toolbag 4
- Rendered in Arnold for Maya
- Cinematic montage in Adobe Premiere
- Texture alphas and a bit of post production in Adobe Suite
Hope you like it!



                                                                                Close Up - 1

                                                                                Close Up - 2

                                                                                Close Up - 3

                                         I recommend 4K res. and sound on for the video!

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