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Spider Procedural Animation

Spider Procedural Animation

Adrian Garrido
by Adriangg on 3 Dec 2021

I did a procedural animation. The spider model is not mine.

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Spider with procedural animation

For the project I am working on I have created a procedural animation for the spider.

It works with the unity package called Animation Rigging. The IK of the legs are fixed to the ground, when moving, an empty object on each leg it tells you the location to which the IK has to move if it moves a certain distance away.

To make the leg rise when going from one position to another, I have calculated a midpoint up where it has to go before reaching to the new positioning point.

From the script that controls the behavior of the spider we indicate which legs can move at the same time, for example the first one on the left, second from the right ...

I am proud of the result.

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