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Clay shader!

Clay shader!

Saray Leal García
by saraylealg on 29 Nov 2021

This is my first shader made in Blender! I hope you like it :)

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Hi everyone! Today I bring you a practice of Shaders in Blender. I have wanted to test this for a long time as I was very keen to be able to add other finishes and textures to my 3D models.

That is why I have been doing some research and I can finally say that I have managed to create a clay material in Blender. I really liked doing it because the texture has turned out to be super nice.

For this shader I used an image of finger prints to recreate the texture of the clay. Then I started playing with the nodes  until I get the result I wanted for my material. Then I used the Displace modifier in order to change the shape of sphere. 

Finally to continue testing the shader, I made some simple shapes and checked how they would fit with the clay material. This was the result. I hope you like it!

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