The Dirty old Barrel Stove

The Dirty old Barrel Stove

Mohammad Alvand
by anonymous313 on 25 Nov 2021

A Dirty Old Oil Barrel Has been turned into a Stove. Like it?

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The Barrel Stove

As obvious, a dirty old and probably useless oil barrel has been turned into a stove or fireplace.
what would a Stove be without an iron kettle? (I don't really know. XD)
And of course, you're going to need fireplace accessories as well.

So, you want all that for only 7$ US?
What are you waiting for?

I modeled the whole thing in 3dsmax 2022. I used RizomUV for the UVs. ( I still don't know how to use MAX's native Unwrap Modifier.)
After all that, I visited the Adobe Substance 3D Youtube channel to learn how to use Substance 3D painter. After watching a few videos, Started Texturing these assets.
Then, I brought all the textures back into max and started setting up the shaders and the Lights, using Corona Renderer.
And there I am. Talking to you about it, while I should be working on the next project.
By the way, you can buy all of the Items including the .spsm files for only 7$.
You can get the Barrel body Smart material for FREE.

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