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Grizzly The Undead Mascot
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Grizzly The Undead Mascot

Natasha Marie Thompson
by NatashaMarieArt on 8 Nov 2021

I was tasked to do a character for a 13+ fight game scenario. I wanted to go for campy horror and created Grizzly. An undead mascot who came back for revenge as something...other.

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Update - 1 Dec 2021

Some move sets. I was going for a happy campy, cheerleader, murder.

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Update - 8 Nov 2021

Brief: Create a Halloween themed fight character.

     1 JPEG of a fighting game character in a 3/4 Front and Back pose, in a neutral stance.

     1 JPEG of a fighting game stage environment.

     1 JPEG of 3-6 sequential sketches of a fighting move.

      1 JPEG of 3-6 sequential sketches of a special attack effect. (Think hadouken, a fireball or a laser beam!)

I decided to go with a campy horror theme. This character is a vengeful, Jason-esque spirit. After being rejected by the cheer squad, he became a mascot. Later he was murdered by his peers. He then came back as something "other" with a thirst for blood. He comes back every year during the homecoming event to take his revenge. He takes the dead to his realm (an old dilapidated basketball court) in hopes to fill the bleachers with fans.