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Good News | LookDev

Good News | LookDev

Jesús Lucas
by jlucas3d on 6 Nov 2021

Inspired by an environment from "Vis a Vis: El Oasis" tv series. This is my first Look Development of Dani'sSimon animation. It is the last module at Animum's Creativity advanced school master degree in 3D Advanced Production, 2020-2021.

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Having to deal with many different Scenes, Animations, Cameras, Props, Render Layers, XGen, etc. has made this a huge challenge where I have learned a lot about CG Animation Pipeline.

Moreover, this project has been tough but pleasant at the same time. I enjoyed a lot spending time with it so I hope you like the result!

- Environment, Characters LookDev and Assets have been done in Maya.

- Marvelous for caravan curtains.

- Hair created with XGen.

- Textured with substance painter.

- Lighting and rendered with Arnold.

- Composition in Nuke.

- Character animations: Dani Simon

Characters LookDev below. Hair created with XGen.

References for the environment and color palette.

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