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Tattoo Shop - Night

Tattoo Shop - Night

Jesús Lucas
by jlucas3d on 6 Nov 2021

Night version of my Tattoo Shop environment based on a Tian Gan's concept (you must check his artworks! Modeled with Maya. Substance for texturing/bakes. Lighting and render in Arnold. Vegetation based on Megascans props. I hope you like it!

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This  is  how I managed the materials and Uv distribution of the different dessing assets to have less materials and be more efficient in relation to render time.

Quick lighting concept I did to figure out how I wanted it to be. Thank to Alexander J ( for the feedback and flashlight idea!

At the end I did some changes while working with the light at the 3D scene.

Concept art from Tian Gan (check his artworks here:

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