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Smachines Mobile Games

Smachines Mobile Games

Alessia Erle
by alessiaerle on 2 Nov 2021

Smachines Mobile Game How many times do you buy a snack and the machine freezes (and eat your money ಠ益ಠ)?! You would like to punch it, no? Good this game is for your stress! Digital Bros Game Academy School Project ft Badseed Mobile Game Hypercasual - Project 3 Team TR3ND Hypercasul based on main ref Aggretsuko.

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Hypercasul based on main ref Aggretsuko.
Japan chibi style and a lot of vending machine to punch for the snacks.

Main Mascotte, Pururu is here to rappresenting you and with his skins you can collect a lot of boxing gloves.

Worked on mascotte and the UI UX (ft Design departement), Concept design of the world 3, Studio Ghibli theme, and follow the 3d department to create the various assets for the gameplay. Worked on Promo arts and the cutscene for the trailer

Team TR3ND:
△ Design

Francesco Mantovani (PR)
Leonardo Gatteschi (L)
Alessandro Guetto
Luca Ortodossi

△ Concept Art
Enrico Annarelli (L)
Alessia Erle
Matteo Pejrolo

△ Code
Lucas Calzà (L)
Dario Fantini
Giovanni Pozzati
Ivan Pancera

△ 3D Artist
Sara Lottici (L)
Diego Desogus
Alessandro Pinto

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