Fruit Ninja VR Replica

Fruit Ninja VR Replica

Cristian Franco AdriĆ”
by Francolini on 21 Oct 2021

Hey my partner and me did a Fruit Ninja VR replica, I hope you like it!

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Hello there! My partner and me have done an VR game. I've programmed the most part of the game, physics, colliders, mechanincs, etc.

We thought about what game to do and we concluded to make a fruit ninja based game. We love Fruit ninja since our childhood and its style.

We have done a gameplay to show you it, I hope you like it!


- You only can cut fruits (or explode bombs) by the slice part of the katana, if you hit them from the top, left or right side, fruits or bombs will bounce. You also won't be able to cut them if the katana is stopped.

- If you explode 3 bombs you will lose, and the total score will be showed on the screen. If you hit a fruit 0.5 seconds after cuting other fruit you will make a combo, granting you 1 more point for each fruit cuted in that time.

- The canons can spawn between 1 and 10 fruits/bombs at the same time or one per one, the spawning time will be shorter while time passes since you select "Play".

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