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War is over

War is over

Sascha Bähr
by SaschaBaehr on 9 Oct 2021

Here is one of my demoreel projects. I am responsible for: lighting, texturing, compositing, lookdev, modeling and creating all logos and illustrations. With this project I wanted to show Interior Lighting with a certain Mood.

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The concept/colors

First, I thought of a small story. As a thematic conflict I chose war and the resulting hope. For the design of the attic I chose the 50s, 60s.

After some research, the color palette was clear to me very early. The colors from that time, or much more the colors from the 2nd World War were drab and not very saturated. The desaturated factory palette of the textures helped me to get the threatening "war character" into the scene. The only "saturated" color should be the flower growing out of the bomb.


In conjunction with the environment and the camera, I built the scene in such a way that guide lines (red lines) are created, which increase the focus on the hero object. This makes it easier to add a "focus" later during lighting

I also made sure that the main lit area in the room is in the center of the image.


My goal was to convey the feeling of hope with light. For this I chose warm colors for the light entering through the window. The environment outside the light should seem more threatening. For this I chose a cold color temperature.

For the final touch I added godrays in Nuke which I rendered in Maya/Arnold. I integrated the dust particles into Nuke using the particle system and linked them to different shapes, so as not to always show a repeating dust particle or just a sphere.

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