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Wrecked Ship

Wrecked Ship

Kerrigan Marois
by kerrigan on 6 Oct 2021

My second real-time environment, I am really starting to enjoy this! My major goal with this project was to work on a scene that contained many of my fears to overcome as an environment artist: creating foliage, unreal engine shaders and texturing larger props/objects.

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Large purple palm tree and some vines were created in Speedtree, most foliage was modeled, baked to a plane and textured in SP.

The large door was created using tileables, vertex masks, decals and vertex painting.

Interior Key Shot. Using the foliage in both scenes really helped to tie them together.

Battery Station. This prop was created with tileables and vertex masking for the large sections, and 2 2k textures for the HVAC units and computer terminal.

Flythrough (Audio track credit to a very talented friend)

This is the battery shader I created with a lot of help from my instructor. I was able to use this in a few interesting ways in the scene.

There are 3 packed 512k masks panning, a shallow and deep mask, the third mask was used for the falling embers.

My base materials. I used these as tileables, for vertex material blends and SP base layers for props. It helped keep things consistent between the scenes.

Some showcase the material at two stages as they might blend with a mask.

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