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Space Wars: Android Game

Space Wars: Android Game

Pau Rodríguez Gascó
by rod on 3 Oct 2021

I made a team with two classmates to develop a mobile game and release it 2 weeks later.

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My first ever mobile game is available here go and check the website:

I coded the game while my two partners were working on 2D design and animations.

In the pictures down below im showing you some of my work there.

The first two screenshots are from the Spawn Controller. There I stabilized a working system that changes as i want with time. 

Every object that instantiates appears in a random position, changing the variable value every time it spawns. Also made a variable that changes from 1 to 100 where i choose what objects will appear. Something that changes drasticly when you reach the max difficulty for a better experience.

The next one it's a special script i made for starting the game. This is the point in coding where mobile elements were added. When you touch the screen all the opening menu elements dissappear and the in-game elements start showing, giving an smooth look to the game, being entirely made in a single Unity Scene (except for the OPAL intro).

The last detail i'm showing is this simple volume system. Everytime you enter the game it loads the volume value (if you have't changed already it will be 1). And then you have the functions of saving and changing volume, where everytime you move the slider saves its value and relates to the game main volume.

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