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AXIS - Realtime Game Cinematic Trailer

AXIS - Realtime Game Cinematic Trailer

Robert Drysdale
by robertdrysdale on 28 Sep 2021

AXIS is a game cinematic trailer rendered in Unreal Engine. A robotic bounty hunter is tasked with assassinating the leader of a tyrannical military that controls the solar system. His mission takes him to the ice moon of Jupiter, Europa.

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- Scene Breakdown -

Here are just a few of the progress shots from the making of the Europa surface environment.

These are early volumetric cloud tests using a material I made to customise the size and shape of the different types of clouds with parameters and altitude curves. Types of cloud include: Stratus, Cirrus, Cumulus and Cumulonimbus.

I used Houdini heightfield to generate meshes for the mountains and terrain. I gave the terrain customisable parameters using the Unreal Engine Houdini plugin so that I could procedurally create more terrain if needed.

The Team:

Robert Drysdale | Environment art, Lighting and Cinematics -

Curtis Vincent | Prop art and Weapon art -

Lois Starkey | Character Art -

Josh Wakefield | Vehicle art, Environment art | Prop art -

Ryan Downton | Technical art and FX -

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