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Character Concept: Shapeshifter Ideas Exploration

Character Concept: Shapeshifter Ideas Exploration

Teodora Petkova
by teodorapetkova on 23 Apr 2019

Concept sketches and studies of a shapeshifter mage character. Initially the idea started out as a masked character, with the masks representing the "faceless" and identity-less nature of a shapeshifter. Combines with a mix of inspirations from Middle Eastern culture, Art Noveau and a bit of African culture.

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Illustrated the idea which appealed to me the most.

Exploarion of the "lowest level" shapeshifter. Mix of mage and rogue typical traits. Character sheet exploring different weapons and showcasing design decisions. Weapons heavily inspired by the middle east.

"Priest" or High mage Shapeshifter. Colour variants. Tried keeping a unified colour palette for all the "ranks". Here the many masks and the disfigured face also represent the skill level of the Priest + combined with the ornaments - the higher status.

Shapeshifter Deity sketch - explored various "levels" of the Shapeshifter idea. The Deity is faceless, posessing many identities (symbolized by masks). Tried mixing up art nouveau shapes with eastern shapes in the ornaments.

Explorations of the chosen few ideas. Went through many sketches before choosing these three to explore further.

Some exploration of the masks. Found these rather tricky. Tried mixing an array of ideas - Art Nouveau, Venetian masks, African masks, animal forms, split identities (the masks split in the middle).

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