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IMS305 Character Creation Play-by-Play
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IMS305 Character Creation Play-by-Play

by madisoncobb on 6 Sep 2021

The gradual updates to my character creation project.

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Update - 5 Dec 2021

Final renders and an embedded sketchfab model. Very happy with how everything went for my first beginning-to-end character design process. 

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Update - 1 Dec 2021

Sketchfab Link:

Model sheet and high poly sculpt, as well as the link to the Sketchfab to look at the model. I'm going to upload the beauty render hopefully within the next few days. 

Update - 2 Nov 2021

The basic green/brown/tan color pallet as well as a sort of tarnished blue/copper/cream color pallet. 

Update - 27 Oct 2021

Started some of the texture baking and coloring in Substance Painter. Barring the host of technical issues I've been experiencing I think it's a pretty good start. 

Update - 19 Oct 2021

Separate UV sheets for the body, clothes, and accessories. 

Update - 7 Oct 2021

Retopology of the raccoon character as well as the original mesh with an updated fur-sculpt rather than fibermesh. For a first try at retopologizing something I found it pretty enjoyable, even with the occasional hiccups. I mostly focused on lowering the polycount on the clothes as I want the details on the character and the sword to really come through. 

Update - 28 Sep 2021

Added some props and details, as well as an attempt at fibermeshing some fur onto the model. So far so good, I think. I'm interested to finally get into the texturing and coloring stage of the development. 

Update - 21 Sep 2021

A rough setup of how the rest of the body is going to look. Mostly just trying to get the head on there, adding some basic clothes before I eventually move onto detailing and props. I might end up editing the head shape further but it all depends on how it looks once I eventually get some fur on the mesh. 

Update - 14 Sep 2021

A rough head sculpt, both the low-poly and high-poly versions. Once I get the basic shape done I'm going to move forward with details, starting with some spheres for the eyes. Got a lot of use in with the ZModeler tool, which I haven't used much up until now, and I'm looking forward to getting better at using it. 

Update - 6 Sep 2021

Character outfit iterations, from least to most complicated. I added a bit of color but plan on doing a bit more experimentation with various palettes. Overall just an attempt to get some ideas and colors down, and I like what I've done so far.