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Lab 1: Home in A Strange Place

Lab 1: Home in A Strange Place

Tobias Davies
by PowPowPanda on 29 Aug 2021

A simple game about a young Witch setting up her farm.

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Lab 1: Home in a Strange Place

For my Lab 1 I challenged myself to create a game project in the Unreal Engine. I created a simple farming game by collecting and combining online tutorials.

Ystra - the player character is a rigged model made by Christoph Schoch, I created a walk cycle for her and imported it all into Unreal.

For the rocks I began in blender using deformers and noise to create a quick base - then I took the models into Maya and did a quick retopo, after that I went into Zbrush and started sculpting them using subdivs, once I was done I baked the highres mesh into the lowpoly one in Substance Painter and it was good to go into Unreal after that.

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