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Michele Rocca
by mickyrocca on 10 Aug 2021

Hi there! Here's my project for my first year 3D modeling, shading and lighting final exam at IED Milano. It took me 100+ hours to complete the job and I'm really happy with the result! I really hope you like it!

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The most challenging part of this work was putting all my modeling, shading and lighting knowledge together: this is my first try on a full CG start-to-end workflow and I have to admit YouTube and ArtStation tutorials literally saved my life!

This work is very inspired by Ɓukasz Hoffmann's "Inside the inventor's barn" (his interpretation of Alejandro Burdisio's "Milqui"). The idea of making a futuristic Mercedes 540K Special Roadster 1937 came to my mind after seeing Anri Ford's beautiful work "Mercedes-benz 540 K" on ArtStation (see below)

Thanks for watching my work!

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